Advance Mobile & Smart Phone Repairing Courses

We fix, repair and unlock all types of phones irrespective of the brand, extent of damage or fault

At MTI, we repair all types of basic and complex faults like water damaged cell phones, broken LCD screens, speaker, microphone, charging, network and all other minor and major problems. We are also apt for complicated tasks like reworking on cell phone motherboards and software up-gradation that require skill, experience and expertise.

We provide dedicated and highly professional repairing service with a hassle free experience to all our customers.

Our services include:
  • Power on faults
  • Liquid damage treatment
  • Network problems
  • Software faults
  • Speaker / Microphone Faults
  • Charging Problems
  • LCD replacements / adjustments
  • Dropped / physically damaged phones
  • Housing / chassis replacements
  • SP unlocking / SIM restriction removal
  • Flip or slide problems
  • Software up-gradation
  • All other simple as well as complicate problems

We undertake repairing and fixing of phones of all brands such as Iphone, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG, Chinese phones, etc. Our service centres are equipped with the latest technology and diagnostic equipments to help us fully understand and repair all kinds of devices and issues.

The MTI team consists of some of the most experienced technicians and repair men who are adept at fixing all kinds of basic to complex faults and issues. We even try our best to repair handsets returned by authorized service centers and manufacturers.

Please don’t try and repair the tablet yourself as you could possibly cause more damage and even worse permanently damage it!

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