Advance Laptop Chip Level Repairing Courses

Would you like to fix, repair and unlock all types of cellular phones irrespective of their brand, extent of damage or any other technical fault?

Worry not! Here at Mobile Technology Institute (MTI), we provide a thorough and in-depth course, with the training from our highly trained personnel, on analyzing and repairing all types of basic and complex faults in a cell phone. Water damaged handsets, broken LCD screens, mute speaker and microphone, faulty charging port, dodgy network connection and any other minor and major problems can proficiently be taken care off once you gather the necessary requirements to fix the issues. You will also be apt for complicated tasks like reworking on the smartphone motherboards, a task that requires skill, experience and expertise; and with our valuable training and specific course in fixing a mobile phone even you can start an efficient earning source.

Our team of excellent trainers and supervisors from all over Mumbai constantly work towards ensuring the best results for our students in our courses.

Our course includes training in:
  • Power source detection
  • Liquid damage treatment
  • Network problems
  • Software crash
  • Speaker / Microphone connectivity
  • Charging Problems
  • LCD replacements / adjustments
  • Fixing dropped / physically damaged handsets
  • Housing / chassis replacements
  • SP unlocking / SIM restriction removal
  • Flip or slide problems
  • Software upgrading and downgrading
  • Many other simple as well as complicated problems

We also undertake repairing and unlocking of various brands such as Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG, Chinese smartphone models, etc. Our service centres are equipped with the latest technology and diagnostic equipment to help us fully understand and repair all kinds of devices and issues.

Our Mobile Technology Institute (MTI) team consists of some of the most experienced technicians and repair men from all over Mumbai, who are well adept at fixing various kinds of basic to complex faults and issues. We even try our best to repair handsets returned by authorized service centers and manufacturers.

Please don’t try and repair your device by yourself as you could possibly cause more damage or worse, permanently render it useless, instead enroll at Mobile Technology Institute (MTI) for the training and get better at judging and fixing the faulty phone.

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